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Alina Tomnikov is an actress of Russian and Finnish descent.



Alina Tomnikov is a well-known actress of Russian and Finnish descent who has gained significant fame in recent years. She has starred in numerous popular films and TV shows that have increased her celebrity profile. 

With leading roles in movies like The Terminal and Shadow Man, as well as appearances on shows such as CSI: Miami, Tomnikov has developed a loyal following among fans.

 As she continues to take on more exciting projects, many are curious about her current net worth and how her acting career has enabled her finances. 

Today, we will discuss Tomnikov’s net worth and explore how this famous actress of dual descent has built her wealth over time through her prolific acting career.

Alina Tomnikov net worth and filmography

Tomnikov has built steady success as an actress, accumulating an estimated net worth between $100,000-$1 million as of 2019. 

Though born in Finland, her dual Russian and Finnish background has enabled her to star in numerous Nordic film and television productions over the past 15 years. 

her extensive filmography demonstrates her versatility as a performer. Her breakout role came in the Finnish TV series Jako Kahteen from 2006 to 2007. Other early successes include the films Rölli and the Golden Key in 2013 and Coffee, Milk, and Stress in 2014. 

However, she truly rose to prominence with leading roles in movies like The Terminal and Shadow Man and appearances on internationally popular shows such as CSI: Miami

Alina Tomnikov is a Finnish actress (Source: e-talenta)

Some of her most acclaimed projects include the 2017 war drama Unknown Soldier, the Russian period drama Ekaterina from 2017-2019, and the Finnish crime series Deadwind in 2018. 

She continues to star in Finnish and Russian films and television regularly. Her upcoming projects for 2023 include An Absurdly Stupid Idea and Pertsa and Kilu: The Pharaoh’s Ring, demonstrating her ongoing popularity.

With critical praise for her acting and numerous starring roles under her belt, Tomnikov has leveraged her background into an impressive acting career spanning over 15 years. 

Her net worth seems likely to grow with her recent casting in high-profile Nordic film and TV projects. As she continues acting, her wealth stems chiefly from her prolific work as one of the most successful television and movie stars of her origin.

Alina Tomnikov stands out with her unique heritage

Tomnikov’s unique dual Finnish and Russian heritage has enabled her distinguished acting career in Nordic cinema. 

As the daughter of a Russian father from Leningrad and a Finnish mother who met while studying medicine in Russia, she grew up speaking both Finnish and Russian fluently. 

This bicultural background gives her a distinctive edge in the entertainment industries of both Finland and Russia. Her ability to perform effortlessly in either language has opened up opportunities on either side of the border. 

Alina Tomnikov during one of her acting roles (Source: IMDb)

In Finland, Tomnikov has starred in over 50 roles across film and television, becoming a familiar face through acclaimed movies like Unknown Soldier and popular series such as Arctic Circle. 

At the same time, she has also built up her profile in Russia through her role in the 2017 period television drama Ekaterina. Her portrayal of German princess Wilhelmina especially increased her visibility to Russian audiences. 

As she continues acting in both countries, her unique personal heritage enables her rare success in two entertainment markets. Outside of her acting skills, her bilingual capabilities and mixed Russian-Finnish parentage give her cross-cultural cachet. 

She moves seamlessly between appearing in Finnish theaters like the National Theater to performances in Russian film and TV. This flexibility stems directly from Tomnikov’s upbringing, bridging both societies.

Alina Tomnikov was selected for European Shooting Stars 2023

Tomnikov’s rising star has been recognized through her selection for the prestigious European Shooting Stars 2023 program. 

Organized by European Film Promotion to advance actors with international promise, the highlight comes with the European Shooting Stars Awards on February 20th during the eminent Berlinale film festival.

Her versatile acting talents across both film and television made her a prime candidate. Her extensive Finnish roles include the comedy series Donna and appearances in the popular show Paradise.

At the same time, Tomnikov has also built her profile internationally via parts in the Russian period drama Ekaterina and the German series Funeral for a Dog.

Alina Tomnikov was selected for European Shooting Stars (Source: Seura)

However, her lead role in the upcoming Finnish comedy-drama The Worst Idea Ever specifically secured Tomnikov the Shooting Stars nod. She plays Ripe, an eccentric games designer whose chaotic friendship with childhood BFF Noora unravels during a bachelorette party roleplaying game. 

The jury singled out Tomnikov for her “fiery, bravado performance” that “compels the audience to fall in love with her.” They praised her magnetic character’s “fragility and playfulness” that draws viewers in emotionally.

With support from Finnish institutions like the Finnish Film Foundation, Tomnikov’s Shooting Stars selection recognizes her as one of Europe’s most promising young talents. 

By networking with industry professionals at Berlin’s iconic film festival, she can leverage this honor to advance her blossoming international acting career across film and television. 

Alina Tomnikov’s most recent work is ‘Fallen Leaves’

In Aki Kaurismäki’s latest film Fallen Leaves, Tomnikov plays a supporting role amidst an ensemble cast. T

his 2023 tragicomic drama focuses on the lonely characters of Ansa and Holappa, played by Alma Pöysti and Jussi Vatanen, respectively, as they try to kindle an unlikely romance.

Her specific part in Fallen Leaves is unclear, as details on the film’s plot and characters are still emerging following its premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. 

However, her inclusion in the cast list alongside Finnish acting greats like Pöysti and Vatanen signals her rising profile. This role also marks Tomnikov’s first collaboration with renowned Finnish auteur director Kaurismäki.

Set in melancholic modern-day Helsinki, Fallen Leaves looks at the everyday struggles of working-class characters like supermarket employee Ansa. 

The film’s emotional core lies in Ansa’s attempts to connect with Holappa, a depressed construction worker, despite their socioeconomic and personal troubles. 

So, while details on her specific character are unavailable, Tomnikov’s supporting turn in Kaurismäki’s tragicomic gem represents another step forward in her acting career. 

On the heels of her European Shooting Stars honor, she continues building up her profile amongst Finland and Europe’s top film circles through appearances in acclaimed festival fare like Fallen Leaves.

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