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Brooke Hyland Net Worth

Brooke Hyland became world famous after appearing in Dance Moms.



Brooke Hyland Net Worth

Brooke Hyland is an American singer and dancer who has risen to fame from her dancing in Dance Moms

She has appeared in four music videos and also became famous for songs such as ‘Lux: It’s Like Summer’, ‘Brooke: Summer Love Song’, ‘Brooke Hyland: I Hurt’, ‘Brooke Hyland: Mean to Me’ and also performed an uncredited ‘Summer Love Song’ in Dance Moms

Apart from being a dancer and singer, she is also a social media personality from which she is making money and has been making tons of fans, especially from various social media platforms.

She is available on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. She posts vlogs on her YouTube, flaunts various brands on her Instagram, and also has a huge number of followers on TikTok. 

Being a social media personality, she has managed to amass a large fanbase, fortune, and high net worth but has completely left her dancing career.

Brooke Hyland’s net worth, income, and career 

As of 2024, Hyland’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $500,000. Her primary source of income was from her dancing career, but now she is a reputable social media star. She started her dancing career at the age of 2. She began dancing at ALDC and has been part of various competitions.

Due to her performance in ALDC, she became the favorite of Abigale “Abby” Lee Miller, who played a vital role in receiving part in Dance Moms.

Brooke Hyland Net Worth

Brooke Hyland Net Worth. (Credit: Instagram)

Her last appearance on the show was in 4th season. She also claimed that she was not part of the show in the third season and has only shown up in the shoot. But slowly, she started losing interest in dancing.

She was into cheerleading then and became distant from dancing, making Abby grow cold towards her. She was one of the oldest dancers on the team, and her solo performances were never aired in the show.

Later, Abby and her mom, Kelly, got into a physical altercation, leading to a lawsuit. After the incident, they both left the show and after that, she never danced.

In terms of her career, she has appeared in four music videos. She has sung on ‘Lux: It’s Like Summer,’ ‘Brooke: Summer Love Song,’ ‘Brooke Hyland: I Hurt,’ and ‘Brooke Hyland: Mean to Me’ and also performed an uncredited ‘Summer Love Song’ in Dance Moms

She once claimed that her role as a grumpy teenager on the show did not showcase her real personality as she is always laughing and smiling. She had auditioned for the role of Pepper in the 2012 Broadway musical Annie but could not land the role.

Brooke Hyland’s endorsements, assets, and investments  

Other than acting, many celebrities make money from endorsements and brand deals. Since joining social media, one of Hyland’s primary income sources has been various brand deals and endorsements.

Some of the brand’s deals and endorsements she has received are Black Bough Swims, Thaikila Swim, Breathless Resorts, Princess Pollu Boutique, UGG, Revolve, Melie Bianco, Majorelle Collection, Maxwell Residences, and many more.

She does not publicly share her information and details to maintain her privacy and security. Thus, we do not have any information about her assets and investments. She has also not opened any business chain chains and is only focusing on being a social media personality.

We also do not know where she resides currently. She has also not revealed if she owns any real estate, apartments, condos, and villas in the USA or overseas. 

She has not revealed how many cars she owns and how much she has spent purchasing these cars. In 2014, she posted that she got an Audi, but we do not know if she currently owns it.

Being a social media influencer, she is available on Instagram with 4 million followers, on YouTube with 8.97k subscribers, and on TikTok with 3.4 million followers. She mainly promotes brand deals on her social media. 

Brooke Hyland’s early life, family, and relationships  

The influencer was born on January 30, 1998, in  Murrysville, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of famous American actress Kelly Hyland. Her father’s name is Randy Hyland.

She also has two siblings and is the eldest among them. Her brother’s name is Josh Hyland, and her sister’s is Paige Hyland. Both Paige and Josh are also dancers. 

She had an accident where a golf cart ran over her foot in her young days. Her doctor claimed that she would be unable to dance in the future. But she proved that wrong by winning the national title at a dance competition.

Regarding her education, she went to  Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, and graduated there in 2016. She was safe during the infamous mass stabbing incident at the school.

Then, she was enrolled at Ohio University and graduated in 2019. She looked into business while attending university and graduated with degrees in Marketing and Management information systems.

Regarding her personal life, she is currently dating Barret Hirschberg. She often posts pictures with him on her Instagram. However, they are not married yet and do not have any children from her relationship.

She was also previously in a relationship with Tristen Rose and Nolan Betts at different points of her life. She dated Tristan when they were studying together at Ohio University. She dated Nolan when they were studying at high school.

She belongs to a non-Jewish German descent ethnic group and follows Christianity as her religion. Her height is 5 feet 3 inches or 1.60 meters, and her weight is 47 kg or 103 lbs.


Hence, Hyland is a famous singer, dancer, and social media personality who has appeared in several projects. It has been rumored that she is not interested in pursuing dancing as her professional career, but many fans believe he will still return as a dancer in the future.

She has amassed a vast number of fans on her social media. As a social media personality, she has several brand deals contributing to her earnings and net worth. 

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