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David Bromstad is best known for hosting ‘My Lottery Dream Home’ in HGTV.



HGTV’s My Lottery Dream Home is one of the most popular shows about luxury real estate hosted by beloved interior designer David Bromstad. The show follows Bromstad as he takes lucky lottery winners on a tour of their dream homes and has now reached the 15th season. 

Needless to say, he has won over legions of devoted fans who are curious about more than just the properties with his infectious enthusiasm and expert design eye.

In this article, we reveal Bromstad’s net worth and how he has amassed his wealth through a flourishing TV career and growing design firm. Here’s the scoop on Bromstad’s assets, income sources, and how he went from artist to influential HGTV star.

David Bromstad’s net worth

Bromstad has amassed an impressive net worth of $4 million through his thriving career as a designer and TV personality. He first shot to fame in 2006 when he won HGTV’s Design Star competition. 

This launched a prolific career with the network hosting popular shows like Color Splash, My Lottery Dream Home, and Beach Flip

Bromstad now earns an estimated $500,000 annual salary from HGTV thanks to his skills as both a talented designer and magnetic on-screen presence. He has also converted his TV success into a furniture and home furnishings line called Grandin Road. 

David Bromstad showing off his tattoos. (Source: Closer Weekly)

His designs for indoor and outdoor furniture, décor, rugs, and seasonal pieces reach a broad audience through this brand. The multi-hyphenate also brings in income from appearances and partnerships as a renowned name in the design world. 

Additionally, he runs his own firm, David Bromstad Designs, which handles residential and commercial projects. 

Born the youngest of four children, creativity runs in Bromstad’s family – one of his sisters is also an interior designer, and he started a small company with her early on. 

With many outlets for his imagination and business savvy, Bromstad has built an empire doing what he loves. His passion for design combined with exceptional TV Instincts make the influential HGTV star’s $4 million net worth seem destined to rise.

David Bromstad has been hosting ‘My Lottery Dream Home’ for 15 seasons

Bromstad has been the enthusiastic host of HGTV‘s hit show My Lottery Dream Home for an impressive 15 seasons. Since the series premiered in 2015, Bromstad has helped countless lottery winners find their perfect luxury property after coming into sudden money. 

With his infectious energy, keen design eye, and real estate savvy, Bromstad has proven to be the perfect guide for accompanying fortunate individuals as they transition into a lavish new lifestyle. 

Over 15 seasons, he has toured breathtaking high-end homes all over the country while offering insight to help lottery winners find their ideal abode.

David Bromstad has been hosting ‘My Lottery Dream Home’ on HGTV for 15 seasons. (Source: Prime Video)

My Lottery Dream Home has been a staple on HGTV’s programming lineup thanks to its aspirational premise and Bromstad’s skill in making each home search exciting. 

The show’s continued popularity with viewers who love living vicariously through lottery winners has led to continual seasons being greenlit year after year. 

Now in its 15th season in 2023, My Lottery Dream Home shows no signs of slowing down. Bromstad’s charm and expertise make him endlessly watchable as he exposes lottery winners to a world of luxurious possibilities they can now enjoy thanks to their change in fortunes. 

It’s clear Bromstad will be hand-picking exceptional properties for many more seasons to come.

David Bromstad previously worked at Disney

Bromstad’s early career was heavily influenced by the renowned Walt Disney Company. After graduating from Florida’s Ringling School of Art and Design, known for funneling talent to Disney, he was hired by the iconic company. 

Initially a visual merchandiser, he found the job needing to be more fulfilling. Thankfully, his boss recognized Bromstad’s skills and moved him to Disney’s Parks Productions as an animator and illustrator

David Bromstad posing for a selfie in front of the Princess Castle at Disneyland (Source: Facebook)

Bromstad also worked at various Disney parks, painting murals, building sculptures, and woodworking. He contributed to central theme park installations at Walt Disney World, Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios. 

However, layoffs at Disney and the 2001 market crash following 9/11 caused Bromstad’s Disney career to end.

With his prop design, illustration, and hands-on artistry background, he found a new opportunity to decorate children’s rooms for model homes. His imaginative kids’ rooms impressed designers, leading to his discovery by HGTV’s Design Star.

The Disney parks proved the perfect training ground for Bromstad’s creative talents. Though his time at Disney ended, it paved the way for his eventual successful TV and design career.

David Bromstad bought his own dream house in 2021

As host of My Lottery Dream Home, Bromstad knows a thing or two about luxury real estate. So when it came time for him to purchase his own forever home, you can bet he took his time finding the perfect pad. 

After a four-year search, Bromstad landed his dream digs in 2021 – a gorgeous Florida estate for which he paid $975,000.

Located in the idyllic town of Winter Park near Orlando, Bromstad’s new 5-bedroom Tudor-style abode underwent renovations to create an open-concept floorplan before he moved in. 

David Bromstad pictured in his dream home in Florida (Source: Velvet Ropes)

The spacious home now boasts a gourmet kitchen with stainless appliances and a large island, along with beautifully remodeled bathrooms and a roomy home office. 

Of course, being in Florida, Bromstad made sure his new manor included a phenomenal outdoor living area complete with a covered patio and a luxurious pool. 

Though it took several years of patience and persistence, Bromstad held off on compromising until he found a property that perfectly matched his logical criteria and desires.

For someone who tours jaw-dropping homes for a living, expectations were high. But the HGTV star feels getting it right was worth the wait, and his magnificent Winter Park residence is finally the dream home he envisioned.

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