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Gillie Da Kid Net Worth

Gillie Da Kid is a popular rapper from Philadelphia.



Gillie Da Kid Net Worth

Gillie Da Kid has captured the attention of hip-hop fans with his bold lyrics, East Coast flow, and charismatic online presence. 

Though he initially made waves ghostwriting for artists like Lil Wayne, Gillie later achieved solo success with albums like King of Philly and Welcome to Gilladelphia. 

He has also grown his fanbase considerably through viral comedy sketches on Instagram and YouTube. 

Fueled by music streaming and his social media fame, estimates now place Gillie’s net worth in millions. This article breaks down his income sources and the critical career moves that have contributed to his wealth. 

Delving into the dollars and cents behind this prominent Philly artist, here is an inside look at his net worth.

Gillie Da Kid’s net worth and career

Between his music streaming residuals, acting stints, and thriving podcast platform, estimates today place his total net worth around $5 million. 

Hailing from Philadelphia, rapper Gillie first made a name for himself in the late 90s as part of the hip-hop group Major Figgas. Their 2000 album Figgas 4 Life brought regional success.

 But Gillie later achieved national notoriety ghostwriting lyrics for Cash Money Records artist Lil Wayne. Though his solo work stalled due to label disputes, mixtapes like “The Best of the GDK Mixtapes” displayed his talent and lyrical prowess. 

Gillie Da Kid is a popular rapper from Philadelphia

Gillie Da Kid is a popular rapper from Philadelphia (Source: Complex)

After signing with Babygrande Records, Gillie found solo success with the street anthem “Get Down on the Ground” and albums like King of Philly and Welcome to Gilladelphia. Collaborations with artists like Meek Mill and 2 Chainz further boosted his profile. 

Parallel to his music career, he also pursued acting with roles in films like Force of Execution and shows like Chase Street. Recently, Gillie has found major fame co-hosting “The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show” podcast with his cousin Wallo. 

Bringing his signature humor and unfiltered takes on hip-hop culture, the podcast is among the most downloaded worldwide. It has significantly increased Gillie’s net worth. 

Though some past label deals soured, Gillie Da Kid has ultimately achieved financial success by fully monetizing his rapping abilities and larger-than-life personality.

Gille Da Kimember of ‘Major Figgas’

Major Figgas was founded in the late 1990s in North Philadelphia by childhood friends Gillie, Wallo, and Abliva.

Additional members like Spade, Bianca, Chops, and El Dinero were brought into the fold as the group expanded its reach on the local underground hip-hop scene.

After dropping several mixtapes, Major Figgas landed a record deal with Warner Bros’ RuffNation imprint. 

However, co-founder Wallo could not participate in recording their debut album, Figgas 4 Life, due to being sentenced to 20 years in prison. Released in 2000, Figgas 4 Life peaked at #115 on the Billboard charts on the strength of the hit single “Yeah That’s Us.” 

The hip-hop group Major Figgas together

The hip-hop group Major Figgas together (Source: iHeart)

Foremost radio and video airplay on BET put Major Figgas on the national radar. This success landed the group a new major label deal with Cash Money Records. 

But before they could release a Cash Money album, member Spade-O became entangled in an internal beef and was jailed for murder charges. 

With Spade incarcerated and Gillie later exiting to pursue a solo deal, Major Figgas slowly dissolved by the mid-2000s with only one studio album. 

Though short-lived, Major Figgas and their regional hit “Yeah That’s Us” proved an integral stepping stone in Gillie’s career. It planted the seeds for his subsequent opportunities both behind the scenes and as a solo act.

Gille Da Kid co-hosts a podcast with Wallo

In 2019, Gillie partnered with his first cousin and childhood friend Wallo to launch a weekly podcast called The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show.

Focused on leveraging social media and discussing reality TV culture, the show features Gillie and Wallo’s humorous takes and unfiltered commentary. 

Their natural chemistry and realness about their lives growing up in North Phills resonated strongly with audiences.

Gillie Da Kid and Wallo run 'The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show' podcast together

Gillie Da Kid and Wallo run ‘The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show’ podcast together (Source: Barstool Sports)

After signing a $3 million deal in 2020 that gave Barstool Sports a 50% stake, the podcast has exploded into one of the most popular shows across all genres. 

The straight talk and wise perspective on lifesavers earned Gillie and Wallo praise as the highest-paid Black podcasters from industry sources like Charlamagne Tha God. 

Though Wallo struggled with emotional issues and trauma after serving 20 years in prison, the show’s success is bringing him and Gillie significant financial stability. However, Wallo has emphasized that money hasn’t erased deeper problems. 

Still, with multi-million dollar deals and millions of devoted listeners, “The Million Dollar Worth of Game Show” has proven a jackpot collaboration between cousins Gillie and Wallo. 

Gille Da Kid on dealing with his son’s death

In July 2023, Gillie suffered the unimaginable tragedy of losing his 25-year-old son, YNG Cheese, who was senselessly killed in a shooting in Philadelphia. 

In a vulnerable interview, Gillie opened up about the emotionally shattering process of having to wash and prepare his son’s lifeless body for burial. As excruciating as it was, he believes this heartbreaking process transformed him, saying he became a man that day. 

Though he thought paying bills and providing for his family made him a man, seeing his stiff, cold son and sending him off properly made Gillie realize a deeper meaning of manhood.

Losing YNG Cheese left an eternal “black hole” in Gillie’s heart. But remembering having to be vital for his grieving family, Gillie found the will to speak publicly about his loss as a display of that strength. 

Between the condolences of artists like Killer Mike and touching words from Gillie’s podcast co-host and cousin Wallo, the Philly rap community came together to help Gillie navigate his immense grief.  

While the pain will never fully dissipate, Gillie found some meaning in his son’s senseless murder through the forced maturation it brought. By confronting even the ugliest depths of grief, Gillie evolved from boy to man. 

And in the process, he discovered a heartfelt purpose in bringing strength to his family during their darkest hour.

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Matt Rife’s Girlfriend — Here Is Who the Comedian Is Dating in 2024

All about Matt’s present relationship!



Matt Rife's Girlfriend — Here Is Who the Comedian Is Dating in 2024

Matt Rife is a talented American comedian and actor who is most known as a comedian for his self-produced comedy show Only Fans and his performance on Bring the Funny. He is also known as a guest star on Wild’ n Out, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Fresh Off the Boat.

Rife is currently famous on many social media platforms, especially TikTok, where the videos from his standups go viral. With good looks, charm, and humor, Rife has managed to steal the hearts of millions of his fans and followers.

However, many wonder if there is anyone special who has won the heart of the comedian. They are curious about his dating history and relationship status. So, does Matt Rife have a girlfriend? Or is Matt Rife single? Here is all we know about Rife’s dating life.

Meet Matt Rife girlfriend in 2024

As of this writing, Rife is in a blissful and private romantic relationship with his girlfriend Jessica Lord, aka Jessica J Lord. Lord is an English actress and dancer. But while she was born in Rochdale, England, she was primarily raised in Canada.

In one of her TikTok videos, she talked a bit about her early life and background. She stated, “I actually spent most of my childhood in Canada, so I feel like I’ve got the Canadian intonation but still with the northern vowels.”

“I was really close with my family and still am really close with my family and when I was filming in Europe, I would go and visit my family in the U.K. I never lost my roots but I definitely don’t think it’s as thick as it would be if I was still there of course,” she added.

Speaking a little about her profession, the dog mom was interested in dancing from an early age and eventually decided to pursue her passion as her profession. Thanks to her passion for dancing, she entered Hollywood and landed her first acting role.

As of April 2024, Lord has mostly appeared only on TV series, including Paranormal Witness, Ransom, Party of Five, Find Me in Paris, and The Next Step. In 2023, she made her big-screen debut, playing the role of Sienna in Binged to Death.

Moreover, she recently completed filming her upcoming action-thriller, Murder at Hollow Creek, in which she will portray the role of Jessica Rhodes. Furthermore, she is the founder and CEO of Bizouxx, a jewelry line.

Matt Rife’s relationship with girlfriend Jessica Lord

Rife first met his present girlfriend in Mississippi in 2022. He instantly fell for her; however, there was a catch: she already had a boyfriend at the time. Still, he didn’t give up, and when he was in Mississippi, he stayed for two more days just to spend time with her.

Rife later acknowledged that it wasn’t the right thing to do as she already had a romantic partner. On the Podcrushed podcast, he said, “I stayed an extra two days just so I could keep hanging out with her.”

“I was really trying, which was such a s—– thing to do, she had a boyfriend. We had a  wonderful connection and  really good chemistry off the bat. I was obsessed with her,” he added.

The comedian eventually bid farewell to Mississippi and returned to Los Angeles. Later, when Lord returned home, he reached out to her because he knew she wanted to go to a show.

He stated, “When she got back to L.A. I called her and was like ‘Hey, do you wanna come out?’ and she was like ‘You know, I have a boyfriend and I just don’t think it’s appropriate that we be friends because obviously you like me.’”

Rife acknowledged that it was unfair to pursue her romantically as she was already in another relationship. So, he decided not to talk to her, a decision that lasted for a year. A year later, things finally started to happen for Rife and Lord.

In June 2023, fans of Rife and Lord began speculating about a possible romance after netizens noticed the comedian leaving subtle comments on many of the actress’s Instagram posts. The romance rumors heated in July after Page Six reported they were an item.

In August, Rife appeared on Good Morning America and revealed that he was not single; however, he didn’t mention anything about who his girlfriend was. The revelation finally came during his September 2023 interview with Elle Magazine, where he confirmed he was dating Lord.

That said, despite the confirmation, the couple has been very private about their togetherness and rarely shares any details. Nonetheless, they have occasionally featured each other on their respective social media handles, especially on special occasions.

Furthermore, Rife has mentioned in some of his interviews that his girlfriend has been very supportive of his career and how she takes care of him by forcing him to take personal time out of his hectic work schedule. All in all, he has found a loving partner in Lord.

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Lana Rhoades’ Baby Name — All We Know About Her Toddler Son

Meet Milo Halston!



Lana Rhoades' Baby Name — All We Know About Her Toddler Son

Lana Rhoades surprised everyone when she revealed she was pregnant with a baby on June 1, 2021. The internet personality shared a picture of her sonogram next to some red flowers and captioned it, writing, “This is the announcement.”

Adding to the excitement, Lana Rhoades didn’t just announce her pregnancy; she also shared the due date for her baby. A small note above the sonogram image revealed the date, “Due Date 1/13/22.”

That said, Rhoades’ baby came into the world a few days earlier than the due date. The American model posted on her Instagram story on Sunday, January 9, 2022, to announce that she had given birth to her baby boy, Milo Halston.

So, for those searching for “Lana Rhoades Baby Name” on the internet, his name is Milo Halston. The picture that Rhoades shared on her Instagram story was of her in a hospital bed, wearing a hospital outfit, while holding her baby in her chest.

“Me + Milo will be in the chat today too!” she wrote on the story, followed by a Smiley and Yellow heart emoji. She had also put up the link to her Discord channel, Crypto Sis.

According to her written text on that story, she and her son had previously joined the Discord channel together. Thus, it makes sense to assume that she gave birth to her child some time ago. However, it’s yet to be officially announced when she gave birth to her child.

On the other hand, she had already disclosed the gender of her baby and his name a while ago. She gave those details during a “baby bump” update on August 16, 2021. She shared a picture of herself standing in front of a swimming pool.

She first mentioned that she would soon hit the 20-week pregnancy mark in a few days. However, her bump is still tiny because “every woman looks different during her pregnancy depending on factors such as her height, abdominal muscles, and where the baby is sitting.”

She then mentioned that her baby boy “is actually measuring bigger than most babies” and that the ultrasound technicians had told her that “Milo has giant feet and long legs.” “So we will be skipping new born clothes when he gets here!” she further added.

This is the first time Rhoades has become a mother, as she had suffered a miscarriage in her former relationship. She seems to be very delighted to have a child in her life as it’s been one of the few things she has desired the most for a long time.

Lana Rhoades with her baby Milo Halston

Lana Rhoades with her baby Milo Halston (Photo: Instagram)

Following the birth of her son, Rhoades has occasionally been open about her pregnancy and baby. One occasion was her appearance on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk podcast in May 2022. “Yeah, now I’m 25. So I mean, I feel like that’s a good age to have a kid,” she said.

She also shared the struggles of becoming a working mother. “The only downside is, I guess, that what I do for a living revolves around my appearance and the way that I look. So that’s been extremely difficult.”

Not only that, but she received various mean messages from netizens because she gained nearly 20 pounds after becoming a mother. However, despite all the criticism and struggles, Rhoades said she had started feeling comfortable about her body and looks.

Rhoades has also frequently featured her baby son on her social media handles. During one of her Instagram Q&A sessions, she even revealed her son’s nationality and stated that Milo is of mixed nationality.

Who is Lana Rhoades’ baby daddy?

As of this writing, Rhoades has always remained tight-lipped about her baby’s father. Due to her privacy over her baby’s daddy, it’s unknown who Milo’s father is. Nonetheless, Rhoades’ privacy has led to some huge rumors.

Since Rhoades kept her baby daddy a secret, netizens began speculating who could be Milo’s father. Mike Majlak’s name was thrown a lot as he was Rhoades’ ex-boyfriend and the last man she had a public relationship with before giving birth to Milo.

Other names were also included, including Kevin Durant. However, the list seemingly came to an end after Rhoades revealed that her baby daddy was a big-time NBA player who played for the Brooklyn Nets.

Afterward, all eyes led to Blake Griffin, with many even claiming Griffin and Milo resembled each other. However, as of this writing, neither Rhoades nor Griffin has confirmed or denied these speculations.

Nonetheless, Rhoades previously made it clear that her baby daddy doesn’t want anything to do with her son, Milo. Furthermore, Rhoades has stated multiple times that she doesn’t want to reveal who Milo’s father is.

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How Old Is CaseOh? Know the YouTuber’s Age, Real Name, and More

All about the streamer!



How Old Is CaseOh? Know the YouTuber’s Age, Real Name, and More

CaseOh is an American internet personality who became famous for sharing gaming-related content on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram.

In September 2022, he started his career by sharing NBA 2K content on TikTok. Since then, he has consistently shared various creative gaming-related content, including reaction videos and POV content.

Some of the popular games he has shared himself playing include Only Up!, Amnesia, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and many others. One of his TikTok videos related to Hogwarts Legacy gained significant attention, going viral with an impressive 8 million views.

As of April 2024, the social media personality has achieved significant success, amassing a total of 100.6 million likes and garnering a following of more than 6.1 million devoted followers on his TikTok.

Similarly, CaseOh maintains an active presence on Instagram, where he has made 296 posts and garnered more than 398,000 followers. On this platform, he consistently shares content similar to what he posts on TikTok, catering to a broader audience.

In addition to his presence on TikTok and Instagram, the internet star has established himself as a partnered broadcaster on Twitch. He actively engages with his fans and fellow content creators, frequently hosting virtual Uno games.

His live streams cover a range of games, including horror titles and popular titles like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Notably, he brings a comedic flair to his interactions with the audience, playfully telling them, “You’re banned.”

He has over 3.8 million followers on Twitch and usually gets more than 500,000 viewers on his streams. Moreover, CaseOh shares similar content on his YouTube channel, boasting a substantial following of 2.55 million subscribers.

One of his most popular videos on the platform, titled “Beating [OUTLAST] in One Night,” was uploaded on December 10, 2023. As of now, the video has garnered impressive views of more than 4 million and 31,000 likes.

As CaseOh’s wide-ranging social media content continues to captivate his fans and followers, there is a growing eagerness to learn more about his personal life, including his age, real name, and more.

CaseOh’s Wikipedia: Age, real name, and net worth

CaseOh was born on May 9, 1998, making him 25 years old at the time of this writing. His zodiac sign is Tauras. Additional details about him, such as his birthplace, currently remain unknown. But it’s known that his nationality is American.

Similarly, fans have been asking, “Where does CaseOh live?” As per reports, the Twitch streamer is currently based in Arkansas. Likewise, his viewers have also been more than eager to talk about his real name.

That’s right! CaseOh isn’t his real name, as he adopted this name as his social media persona. As for what his real or birth name is, it is yet to be revealed. As of this writing, CaseOh has been mum about his real name.

Moving on, many fan queries have also been raised about CaseOh’s earnings and net worth. By now, we know that he has a good viewership and sells his own merchandise, so he must be earning well. However, there are no exact figures about his net worth.

CaseOh remains silent about his parents and siblings

Although CaseOh is a well-known figure in social media, he has successfully maintained the privacy of information regarding his family, including his parents and siblings, keeping them out of the public spotlight.

He has not shared pictures and videos of his parents on his social media platforms or publicly discussed them. The only information about his family is that they might also be based in Arkansas, just like him.

That said, it’s reported that CaseOh gained work experience as a maintenance worker alongside his father, tending to tasks such as grass mowing. A week before he embarked on his streaming career, he faced financial difficulties when his card was declined at the Dollar Store.

Besides that, not much info is known about his father or his parents’ profession. Similar to the privacy surrounding his parents, it’s unclear whether the social media personality is an only child or if he has any siblings.

Is CaseOh dating a girlfriend?

Like his family life, CaseOh has maintained secrecy regarding his dating life. A glimpse at his social media handles reveals that most of his content revolves around gaming and reaction videos, with no images suggesting he might be dating a girlfriend.

He has also kept his dating history tightly under wraps, and no known links or rumors connect him to anyone romantically. It might be possible that he is either married to a wife or dating a girlfriend. That might be why fans search for “CaseOh real name girlfriend.”

However, nothing can be said until it’s entirely confirmed by CaseOh himself. Until then, it’s best to assume that the internet star’s present relationship status is single and he is neither dating a girlfriend nor married to a wife.

CaseOh’s brief career explored

As mentioned earlier, CaseOh initially gained fame through NBA 2K content on TikTok, and he swiftly rose to fame with his engaging gaming content across various platforms.

Transitioning from a maintenance job with his father to becoming a prominent gaming personality, his journey embodies a classic rags-to-riches tale. Despite facing financial challenges, he persevered, ultimately amassing over 6.1 million fans on TikTok.

Known for his humorous banter and signature catchphrase, “You’re banned,” CaseOh captivates audiences with his streams featuring horror games like Amnesia and Five Nights at Freddy’s.

His viral Hogwarts Legacy TikTok video, boasting more than 8 million views, underscores his ability to create compelling content that resonates with fans worldwide.

Through his famous series “It is what it is” on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, CaseOh solidifies his status as a leading figure in gaming and social media. And with him still continuing, it’s only sure that his popularity among viewers will only increase.

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