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Is he the wealthiest of them all?



Harry Styles reached the pinnacle of success when he was just a young boy after becoming a part of one of the hottest and most talented boy bands in the world, One Direction.

He, along with four other talented members—Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson—became a music sensation in the world. However, when the band separated, many fans thought these individuals would fizzle away, but that was not the case with Styles.

He started his solo musical career, which did even better than expected. Some of the popular songs that he is involved in are ‘As It Was,’ ‘Harry’s House,’ and ‘Watermelon Sugar,’ which went viral on every social media platform.

His talent, the popularity of the band, and his highly successful solo career are the reasons for his amazing net worth, huge fanbase, and successful career in general.

Harry Styles’ net worth, salary, and endorsement deals

As of 2023, Styles’ net worth is estimated to be approximately $120 million. His primary source of income is mainly from his highly successful music career, whether it was when he was in One Direction or even when he started his solo career.

However, not everything was easy at first. His career started when he joined X-Factor as a solo contestant. But he was eliminated in just round two. He was quite upset and demotivated.

Harry Styles net worth (Credit: Instagram)

But one of the judges put him along with four other eliminated contestants, who formed the band One Direction, and the rest is history. In 2011, the band released their first-ever album, Up All Night, which became an instant hit and reached the number-one spot.

In 2013, they released the album Midnight Memories, which became an even bigger hit and was, in fact, the highest-selling album of the year. The band enjoyed success for three more years after calling it quits due to a personal dispute.

A year later, in 2017, he started his solo career with a new album launch, which got to No. 1 in the UK. He is making outrageous money from his new album sales, concert shows, and tours. In 2022, he made over $2 million per performance on his musical tour.

Since he had several performances around Europe, he made around $20 to $50 million in just a few months. After the success of his musical career, he decided to go on a different venture and join the movie industry.

Since 2017, he has appeared in four movies, like Marvel’s Eternals, Dunkirk, Don’t Worry Darling, and My Policeman. According to very reliable reports, he has reportedly signed a $100 million deal with Marvel for five movies.

For the popular movie Dunkirk, he earned around $4 million, mainly due to his already-established popularity. In 2023, he also headlined a famous Coachella festival for which he was reportedly paid about $8 million.

Harry Styles’ assets, expenses, and charity works

Styles has amassed vast wealth over the years, and he is not afraid to spend it on some of the most expensive things in the world. He owns many real estate properties, cars, and artwork that have cost him a lot of money.

In terms of his real estate, he currently owns a super mansion in London, which he purchased for $30 million. It is one of the biggest mansions in the central London area; however, it is not the only mansion he has in the same city.

In fact, he already owns three joint mansions in London, which he purchased for almost $20 million. He has also purchased a condo in New York for $8.5 million and currently owns a property in Los Angeles, which cost him over $6 million.

His spending is not only limited to purchasing exorbitant houses and mansions worldwide, but he is also very particular about acquiring vintage cars. He has many cars in his garage, but among them, the most expensive one is the Ferrari California Convertible, which is worth $195,000.

He has also purchased another supercar, the 2012 Audi R8 Coupe, which took $130,000 from his wealth. He is not as picky about buying artwork, but he did spend almost $30,000 on the portrait made by artist Hayden Kays.

His spending is not only limited to his expensive real estate and exquisite cars, but he has also dedicated it to charity. He did a deal with Apple for a commercial that paid him over $1.2 million, but he donated the entire sum to the International Rescue Committee.

Harry Styles early life, parents, siblings, and relationships

Harry was born in Worcestershire, England, on February 1, 1994. His father’s name was Desmond Styles, who works as a financial worker, and his mother’s name is Anne Twist, who is a landlady.

He has an older sister, Gemma Styles, who is a writer and is currently living in London. She has a decent social media following and often engages with her audience, but she is hesitant to talk much about her brother.

He often moved to Cheshire, where he spent his time with his grandparents when he was young. His parents separated when he was just seven years old, so his mother was married twice again.

He also has two stepbrothers named Amy and Mike, about whom he has not shared much information. When he was a young boy, his grandfather gifted him a karaoke machine on his birthday, which motivated him to pursue a career in singing.

During his school days, he formed a band named White Eskimo, where he was the lead singer, and the band even won a local competition. This motivated him even more to pursue a singing career, and hence, he went to X-Factor, where he met his One Direction band members.

Regarding his relationships, he is currently dating Canadian actress Taylor Russell. The couple was first seen together in June 2023 when she was spotted at his concert. The pair have even been seen walking hand in hand after the concert.


Hence, Styles has been one of the biggest musical attractions since 2010, and he was the founder of one of the biggest bands in the world. Due to his talent and established career in the music and movie industry, he has an insanely high net worth.

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