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Orlando Soria is a popular interior designer, social media influencer, and author.



Orlando Soria is a famous interior designer, social media influencer, and author best known for his appearance on HGTV. 

He gained fame as the host of the HGTV series Build Me Up, where he helped homeowners renovate and redesign spaces in their homes. He has accumulated an astounding net worth through his design work, influencer sponsorships, and book sales. 

In this article, we take a closer look at his career and his sources of income and provide an estimate of his current net worth and assets. 

Orlando Soria’s net worth and career

Soria has built an impressive career and amassed a net worth of around $3 million as an interior designer, TV personality as well as a social media figure. He first stepped into the spotlight in 2010 when he appeared on the HGTV show Secrets from a Stylist as the assistant to designer Emily Henderson. 

This launched a TV career for Soria, who went on to star in his own HGTV show, Unspouse My House, starting in 2019. On Unspouse My House, he helped newly single clients reinvent their living spaces as they transitioned to the next chapter of life. 

His empathy, design skills, and fun personality quickly made him a favorite. This led to his second HGTV show, Build Me Up, which aired in 2020 but was unfortunately canceled after one season. 

Orlando Soria as a HGTV host. (Source: HGTV)

Beyond TV, Soria has expanded his influence through social media and books. He boasts over 400,000 Instagram followers and penned the 2018 book Gets It Together!  

His large fanbase allows him to earn lucrative sponsorships and partnerships on top of his design fees and TV salary. While his exact net worth isn’t public, it’s clear Soria has built a multi-million dollar brand. 

At 41 years old, the generous designer’s star is still rising. With his talent and business savvy, there is no limit to how much wealth Soria can continue to accrue through TV, books, brand deals, and his growing interior design firm.

Orlando Soria on leaving HGTV behind

Soria was a rising star on HGTV, hosting popular shows like Unspouse My House and Build Me Up. However, behind the scenes, he felt exploited by the network. In a raw personal essay, he opened up about the brutal filming schedule, lack of COVID-19 precautions, and meager pay that led him to walk away. 

Even at the height of his HGTV fame, Soria disclosed he earned just $5,000 per episode, or $40,000 for an entire season. After taxes and fees, he took home $17,500 for nearly a year of rigorous filming. His pay equated to only $11 per hour based on the extreme hours. 

During the pandemic, he worked nonstop on set with few protections. At the same time, the network hypocritically had him film upbeat videos about staying home. The final straw was when Build Me Up was canceled just weeks after premiering, despite decent ratings. 

Soria felt used and endangered by a network that had extracted so much labor for so little pay. He recognized the ugly truth that companies will exploit workers as much as legally possible to cut costs. 

Done with a smiling face used to hide corporate greed, Soria walked away. He has since opened up to shed light on the dark side of reality TV fame. 

While hosts pretend all is rosy behind the scenes, Soria exposes an industry that severely underpays and overworks talent. He seems at peace moving forward on his terms, focusing on new creative projects and transparency.

Know about Orlando Soria’s upcoming show

Interior designer Soria is gearing up to be the design expert on the new Roku original series Empty Nest Refresh. This lighthearted home renovation show has a unique twist – it follows young adults as they move out of their childhood bedrooms and redesign the spaces for their parents. 

Soria’s expertise in interior design and experience hosting previous shows like Unspouse My House makes him well-suited for this role. He will guide and help transform these rooms into new sanctuaries for parents adjusting to the empty nest stage. 

With his keen eye, vibrant aesthetic, and quirky sense of humor, Soria is sure to inject fun and personality into these emotional home makeovers.

Orlando Soria and host Liza Koshy from the new show,’ Empty Nest Refresh.’ (Source: Media Play News)

Empty Nest Refresh aligns perfectly with Soria’s brand and areas of interest. He has a knack for infusing homes with joy and understanding how design can help people navigate life transitions. 

Working alongside host Liza Koshy, his contributions will take the show to the next level as they reinvent spaces filled with childhood memories into rooms catered to parents’ contemporary needs and tastes. 

This new show adds to Soria’s growing repertoire of design-focused TV projects. It allows him to showcase his talents on a central streaming platform while expanding his reach and audience. 

For fans eager to see more of Soria’s unique design perspective and uplifting presence, Empty Nest Refresh looks to deliver plenty of heartwarming reveals and clever renovations when it premieres.

Orlando Soria’s and his Californian home

As a California-based interior designer, Soria embraced a vibrant, eclectic style that reflects his West Coast roots when designing his apartment. When redesigning his current Parisian-inspired apartment, he maintained the existing chateau-style architecture but injected bold, contemporary accents. 

He merged the formal crown moldings and ornate details with graphic art, sculptural furnishings, and pops of color to create an energetic and artistic vibe. 

Likewise, Soria redesigned the outdated kitchen into a more fitting, proportional space. His favorite room is the stylish dining area he converted into a dining-work area hybrid. Throughout the home, he honed in on infusing joyful, playful touches like deco furnishings and punchy patterns.

Orlando Soria in the renovated dining area of his apartment. (Source: Material Kitchen)

For the holidays, Soria decorates every room to “deck the halls.” In 2021, he sourced nature-inspired ornaments and forages from his backyard to decorate an unconventional manzanita branch Christmas tree, nodding to his childhood holidays in Yosemite. 

His design approach for his apartment combines an appreciation for traditional architecture with bold contemporary accents, playful patterns, vibrant colors, and an adventurous use of space.

In conclusion, Soria’s California home and holiday decor reflects his lively personality and instinct for infusing homes with happiness.

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